Short description

Sally, an introverted 15 year old girl, lives and bears with her wolf-father in the city of New York where Wolf is slipping more and more into his world of wilderness. 
Sally still remembers the man he used to be; a brilliant and talented jazz trumpeter. Where did her father go? And can he still be found somewhere within the Wolf?

UNTAMED was made by a team of 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Check out the individual student’s blogs at the links below to learn more about the talent behind the film!


Juliette Viger
Director / Storyboard / Editing / Animation – julietteviger.strikingly.com

Maja-Lisa Kehlet
Art Director / Visual Development / CG Generalist – kehlet.tumblr.com

Tautvydas Kazlauskas
CG Generalist / Visual Development / Production Manager – paintedpoly.com

Anna Ewa Nowakowska
Animation Lead / Story Development – annanowakowska.com

Andreea Serban-Chira
CG Generalist / Visual Development – andreeaserbanchira.com

Simon Dilling Hansen
CG Generalist / Visual Development – simondillingportfolio.tumblr.com

William Mackenzie
Animator – brevityarts.wix.com/will-mackenzie

Karina Venneberg Sørensen
Animator – vimeo.com/venneberg


Additional work by: 

Marylou Mao

Sara Jespersen Holm

Nikolaj Themothæussen


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